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Before Yift was born, the 3 founders of this platform collectively felt dissatisfied towards the struggles of finding the correct present. There is clearly an abundance of high-quality products out there, so why is it so difficult to find that gift? Time and time again customers are overwhelmed with the vast amounts of products available online, unable to wade their way through the endless gifts towards the right one. The process has become one that saturates any inspiration and devours all spare time.

And those customers who prefer to shop in store are now faced with a rapidly declining high street, reeling from the impact of the pandemic.

Yift grew from the recognition of this problem and Yift strives to be the solution. This is where the Yift giftee profile builder comes into play! Briefly enter simple information related to your intended gift recipient (i.e. Hobbies, Personality and the occasion of the gift) and our state-of-the-art algorithm will handle the rest.

All you must do then is sit back and relax as Yift churns out a list of specific, quality, and unique goods based on your inputs, that your giftee is sure to love!

The Yift team are dedicated to finding small, independent and brilliantly interesting businesses to partner with from all across the UK to ensure our customers receive the highest standard of gifts possible. So, whether you are searching for a last-minute Mother’s Day present or trying to find that precious anniversary gift, Yift has you covered! We pride ourselves on our ability to cater for all budgets, preferences, and occasions – all you have to do is click here and you will find yourself on the profile builder page, where you can simply follow our step-by-step guide and become the best gift-buyer around.


Yift’s central motivator is to revolutionise the way customers shop for their loved-ones and associates by streamlining the process and eliminating the high volume of irrelevant goods that must be scoured through before finding the right gift.

Yift are determined to become the Number 1 gift search website in the UK, powered by a consistent stream of feedback from our valued customers.

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