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Candle with Care…Yift presents to you our very first partner!So, as you can clearly tell by the pun I used to introduce this week’s blog post, we have finally sealed the deal with our very first partner! To celebrate this momentous occasion, we have dedicated this whole blog to the newest member of the Yift family- Happily Ever After Candles. 
Now, whilst I will do my best here to tell you all about our new and exciting partner, the best place to go to find out everything you need to know is on our Instagram and Facebook pages @yiftuk, where you will be able to feast your eyes on some of the amazing products that Happily Ever Candles are supplying us with. The social media pages is also the first place any future partners will be announced, so hit that follow and like button if you haven’t already because we have some really exciting stuff in the pipeline that we can’t wait to share with you guys.

Right, now I’ve finished shamelessly plugging our social media pages, lets get back to discussing the real star of the show- Happily Ever Candles. This small business came on to our radar not only because of their high-quality, inventive, and unique products but also because of their commitment to being ethical and environmentally friendly. In this day and age, it’s clear that commitments to sustainability, and cruelty free production lines are of growing importance. Speaking from personal experience, I don’t eat meat and I am passionate about animal rights, so whenever I see products who share the same beliefs as me I am immediately drawn to them.

The ethical and environmental awareness of this small business is just one of their many plus points. When I took a look on their Instagram page (find them here @happilyeveraftercandles) I was instantly drawn to their range of female body candles. This particular style of candle has been a big hit recently, particularly amongst the Kardashians, and basically if a candle is good enough for Kim K, its good enough for me!
Sticking with the theme of influencers, you can’t escape the endless flow of gender reveals on insta at the moment, and Happily Ever After Candles have you covered in this department too! These gender reveal candles have either pink or blue wax hidden under white wax, the idea being that when you burn the candle the gender of your little one will be revealed. Now, if you’re anything like me and you can’t stand fuss (or the mess that comes with popping a massive, confetti filled balloon) these little candles are the perfect way to do a gender reveal in a really unique and intimate way.
If you’ve ever struggled to think of a present for your mom, nan or your mrs, you know what I mean when I say, candles are the absolute GOAT. Speaking from experience my nan loves a good candle for Mother’s Day, and I can usually get away with a nice new wax melt burner at Christmas too. If you’re sat reading that last sentence and can relate, head over to our Instagram page and have a look at the range of products Happily Ever After Candles have to offer, I promise you won’t be disappointed!
As always, keep your eye on our social media and blog posts to stay up to date with our movements. If you’re not big on the whole Instagram thing, check out our Facebook page, it’s full of content and we’d really appreciate it if you gave us a like (show your nan aswell because we all know nans love Facebook). The website is so so close to being ready and we promise our social media followers will be the first to know when it goes live. Also, don’t forget its never too early to start prepping for Christmas so keep us in mind when you start your shopping this year- trust us we are going to be a godsend!
I’ll be back rambling about some more gift related stuff soon so stay tuned for more.
Rio Goodwin- Content Writer

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