Yift Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Yift work?

It’s very simple. To help our customers find the right present, we have created the Giftee Profile Builder. All you must do is create a profile for your giftee and sit back as we present you with a tailored list of relevant and amazing products. From there you can purchase your favourite items and have them delivered straight to your door.


What is the giftee profile builder?

The Giftee Profile Builder is where you input specific information of your giftee. Here we ask for their age, gender, hobbies&likes, personality, the occasion, and your price range.  


Who is the giftee?

The giftee is the lucky person who will be receiving your Yift gift. They are the intended recipient for your gifts and who you build a profile for. 

What are Yift Partners?

Yift Partners are the vendors that provide you with the amazing selection of gifts found on our platform. They are reviewed by the Yift team to ensure only the highest quality of products are available.

I want to sell with Yift. How do I do this?

That’s easy. Head over to our ‘Partner’ page where you will find the Vendor Registration form. Once complete, this will be reviewed by the Yift team and before you know it your products will be accessible to a host of new customers visiting the Yift platform. 

Will my products be sent to my giftee’s address or my own?

That is entirely up to you. You can decide whether you want the product to go to your giftee directly or to your own address so that you can add some final touches.

Where can I leave feedback?

Visit the Feedback page on the Yift website and fill out the form. Alternatively, send us a message at:

What is the difference between Yift and other platforms?

We bet that at least once you have felt uninspired or haven’t had enough time when purchasing a gift. Or maybe you just don’t like the usual process of wading through endless products online. Here at Yift, we are striving to solve these common issues. 

When customers come onto the Yift platform they will be met with a broad range of high-quality goods that are relevant to their giftee.

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