Father’s Day Yift Find!



An initial thought when it comes to Father’s Day is, what do I buy my dad this year? And how many more years am I going to send him his favourite crate of beers from the local supermarket accompanied by a bar of chocolate? Honestly, this answer could’ve been forever if it wasn’t for his more recent ‘alcohol-free’ health kick.


Now I didn’t want to be that son who encourages my old man to drink, so I was keen to venture away from this renowned crate of beer I annually hook him up with. Alcohol-free maybe? No, that’s terrible, I need to have a re-think and ask myself; what to buy my dad for Father’s Day?


When it comes to my dad, there is 3 main things in his life: family, friends, and sports. Ever since I was a kid, one thing I learnt about him was his passion for football, and more importantly, Southampton FC. He lived and breathed this football team and would travel all over the UK, and Europe to watch his team play. The introduction of me and my brother meant that it only took us a couple weeks after birth before we were having photos in Southampton shirts, so it looks like our decision was made as to who we were going to support. With me and my brother adopting our father’s lifestyle of pretty much never missing a fixture, this meant for some of the best days out on the road, travelling to all corners of the UK to support our beloved team.


In this year’s search for a much improved and more tailored gift for Father’s Day, I decided to surf the web for what other e-commerce platforms I could use to purchase my dad his well-earned present from. I saw an ad for Yift, and immediately found myself glued to this concept of being able to find such gift. Their ‘Giftee Profile Builder’ allowed me to make a profile for my father, putting in credentials such as his age, gender, hobbies, likes, occasion, and finally a price range (depending on how generous I was feeling this year). After filling in this information on my father, what came up next was a selection of tailored gifts to choose from based on my input – which provided so many options for my, let’s say, ‘Sporty Dad’.


The first gift which caught my eye from this impressive selection of gift ideas was the ‘Can Off Flying Disc Game’. I immediately thought of how competitive my dad gets when it comes out these sorts of mini games. On family holiday’s my dad would quite literally rig a game of cards if he felt like he was losing, just to get his competitive edge out there, so this definitely suited his persona – an overall great gift idea for my dad.


After further filtering through the list of unique products on offer, I came across of the best gift ideas for my dad… it was perfect. The ‘England Football Stadium Scratch-Off Map’ was the holy grail; a gift that would allow my dad to track all of the football stadium that we have attended, providing an impressive graphic of these so we can keep up to date and look to scratch off as many as possible throughout our footballing journey. With over 100 different stadiums around England (yes, 100!) it gave us football fans a purpose, a bit of pride, and an excuse to never miss an away day!


In all honesty, I’ve had a peep at the map unravelled and I am overwhelmed! This gift inspiration from Yift’s online gift marketplace has led to what will be one of the best gifts I’ve ever bought, and certainly the best gift for my dad. I cannot wait to see his reaction to this on Father’s Day!!

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