Horoscopes: Can they actually be helpful when it comes to gift buying? 
It’s fair to say that the art of horoscope reading, and the influence that said horoscopes have on people’s personalities is an interesting point of discussion, especially when gift buying is concerned. The internet is awash with ‘What your horoscope says about you’ quizzes and, let’s face it, these statements don’t tend to be ground-breaking. However, there is no doubt that these quizzes capture the attention of their intended audience and, undoubtedly influence the way that people interpret certain character traits. There are a huge amount of stereotypes surrounding the personality traits of the various star signs, Leo’s are said to be fiercely confident, whereas Gemini’s are found to be volatile but fun. Now, since I’m a Scorpio I delved a little deeper into the characteristics that supposedly define me and, despite being a huge sceptic, I found most of it to be true (apart from the bit where they claimed Scorpio’s are inconsiderate- that’s not true and it’s actually quite rude). 
Now I’ve finished ranting on about the positives and negative of believing in your star sign, it’s time to actually discuss what you came here to find out about: can a persons star sign impact the kind of gift they would like to receive ? If you don’t already know by now, Yift uses specific personality traits to find a perfectly tailored gift selection for your loved ones. Put simply, we have developed a personality quiz for our platform that takes the likes and dislikes of your giftee and finds them the perfect gift. While we were developing this quiz we became quite interested in the nuances that can be found in people’s personalities, and this eventually led to us researching horoscopes and star signs. Here’s what we found out: As well as the impact that horoscopes have on people’s personalities, during our discussions with small businesses we found that there has been a surge in people buying star sign related gifts over the last few years. Star sign themed jewellery, candles and astrology charts all seem to be a massive hit when it comes to gifting and there is certainly something to be said for giving a thoughtful, personalised gift like the ones previously mentioned. Here at Yift we are always looking at the way that trends impact the gift giving process and this month our attention has really been captured by the whole star sign thing. If like us, you are intrigued by the idea that horoscopes could potentially impact people’s personalities. Or you think your other half, your sister or your nan might be pleasantly surprised with a star sign related gift, set yourself a reminder for Christmas and take a look round our site (it’s coming soon we promise). We will be able to unite you with the perfect astrological gift for your loved one, and maybe even make you a believer along the way.If this whole zodiac thing has caught your attention, head over to our social media pages to see what other gift buying trends we are looking into. We are taking the hard work out of gift buying so keep your eye on our blog posts for more present buying content, and to find out when our website goes live! 

Thanks for reading this weeks blog, look out for my next blog post!

Rio Goodwin
Content Creator

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