Fruit dish


           Decorative dish

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Funny sun has come to your home. You will always be warmth, light and cozy.

Size of the item is 35 cm diameter and 8cm height.

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. This fruit bowl looks as sun or sunflower. Yellow colour is as a simbol of positivity, heppiness, harmony and wealth.
Also bowl can be used for any other food such as poultry, salads, bisquits or for decoration of your premises.

Size of the item is 35 cm diameter and 8cm height.

I make any of my items with love for people.

I always use only non toxic and food safe glazes.


Magic clay

I am a self-taught ceramist. I make products by hand and on a potter’s wheel.I am trying to keep a positive attitude toward each product made by me and share joy with customers.
I was born in Latvia, live in the UK since 2004 in North Yorkshire in Middlesbrough.
I make myself specially sourced Terracotta clay – organic clay with adding just silver sand. i give a guarantee – my terracotta is completely environmentally friendly. It is means vases, dishes keep plants and the food fresher for longer.
I have a big assortment of the ceramic items – vases, plates, kitchenware, home decoration, bowls for our puffy friends – cats, dogs

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