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Give Submerge Wallets a Wave! I thought I would take the opportunity, in the first blog of spooky season, to give a warm welcome to our newest partner- Submerge Wallets!
In a nutshell, Submerge have created a wearable, durable, waterproof wallet which is designed to keep your valuables safe no matter what adventure you’ve embarked on! Your bog standard, leather wallet is definitely not designed to keep your cash and cards safe whilst you swim, surf or snowboard, so if you’re an adrenaline junkie and love being outdoors you 100% need to get your hands one of these!
As per usual with my blogs, I’m going to start banging on about the environment for a minute. Submerge Wallets are made out of sustainable materials, meaning that when you purchase one, you are not only protecting your own valuables but also helping to protect our valuable environment. As you probably already know by now, here at Yift we are dedicated to ensuring our business is environmentally friendly, and it is so important to us that the small businesses we work with share our ethos. Both Submerge Wallets and Happily Ever After Candles are doing their bit to protect our planet. If this is as important to you guys as it is to us, make sure you choose Yift to help you find the very best specially selected, sustainable gifts!
Now that some of Bo Jo’s travel restrictions are being eased and holidays are finally back on the cards, submerge wallets have you covered. Whether you’re jetting off to a ski resort or you’re on the hunt for some winter sun, these wallets make the perfect travel companion. We all know that horrible, panicked feeling you get when you’re at the beach and you don’t know where to put your valuables when you fancy a swim. Let’s face it, hiding your cards and keys under a sun lounger or burying them under your towel in the sand is not the wisest decision. This is why you all need to grab yourselves a Submerge wallet. If your fella, or your dad is a bit of a thrill seeker (or just really clumsy- yes, Henry this is aimed at you) surprise them with a wallet this Christmas and ease the anxiety of going to the beach with someone who quite frequently loses their keys and wallet.
As always, keep an eye on our social media pages for more product and partner updates. To find out more about Submerge Wallets head to our Instagram page (@yiftuk), where you will also be able to find the details for Submerge Wallet’s social media pages. Christmas is literally 11 weeks away, so now is the ideal time to start planning your Christmas gift list, keep an eye on the next few blog posts for gift buying and gift-wrapping tips.
Thank you for reading yet another one of my rambles- I will be back again in a few weeks with more gift- based gossip. Don’t forget if you’re a small business and you want to showcase your products on our up-and-coming platform, head to social media pages to get in touch.
Rio Goodwin
Content Writer.

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