Written and published via newsletter 16th June 2022.

Summer is just around the corner!

With summer just around the corner, Yift has decided to help you make sure this summer does not disappoint!

Our summer blog will go through some exciting activities and days-out that will keep you busy and entertained.



A classic activity that can be just as enjoyable with the family or with a partner!

Yift tip: Don’t settle for just any setting…make sure you choose a location that is memorable, like one of the areas below!



Is there any better way to spend a scorching summer day than a sociable BBQ? We don’t think so! Try out this superb Yaki BBQ to ensure your BBQ is the one to miss.

Yift tip: Get tooled up! Having the right BBQ equipment is essential if you want to impress.



Whether with friends, your dog, or by yourself, walking is the best way to get out and enjoy that rare summer sun!

Yift tip: Pace yourself if it’s very hot! Or, if possible, take a dip in the river/lake.

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