Trick or Treat Yourself with Yift

Trick-or-Treat Yourself with Yift
Spooky season is finally upon us and here at Yift we are creepin’ it real with the Halloween blog post, so whether you love or loathe this time of year, stick with us to find out how you can make this Halloween the best one yet! Now, we know that Halloween is not an occasion that is usually associated with gifts, but you know by now that at Yift our aim is to completely revolutionise the gifting process, and in our eyes, there is no occasion too small for a gift. Yes, that’s right, we are absolutely suggesting you buy your loved one a little something to make spooky season that little bit more special!
We all know the Halloween traditions we have here, have been taken (and obviously slightly improved) from America. In this day and age Halloween in the UK is essentially an excuse for a massive party, much like every other occasion that takes place here throughout the year. Some people have huge house parties, and some people suggest that all of their mates go up town dressed as Mexicans (or maybe that bright idea is unique to you Liam??)- but whatever you choose to do, here at Yift we honestly think everyone should consider getting their loved ones a little treat to brighten up their Halloween.
If you’re planning a more family-orientated, relaxed Halloween party this year or you and your other half are turning Halloween into a date night, head over to Happily Ever After Candles (@happilyeveraftercandles) to find the perfect candles and wax melts to compliment your intimate Halloween celebration. They also have the most amazing Harry Potter sorting hat style candles, which burn down to reveal one of the four houses featured in the books and films. These would make for a perfect bit of Halloween entertainment for people of all ages (because I don’t care what anyone says the Harry Potter films are not just for kids!!).
If your Halloween plans are steering you in quite the opposite direction, and you are planning, like Liam, to go up town dressed in a daft costume- consider grabbing a Submerge wallet to take with you on your big night out. You can find them on Instagram at @submergewallets (if you’re rubbish with tech head to Yift’s page @yiftuk and you can find them there too). Trust me, we all have that one mate who can’t hack their drink and loses at least one of their personal belongings every single time you go out, as mentioned in our previous blog post, Submerge wallets have you covered in this department. Their wallets are basically completely life proof and help stop clumsy people damaging or misplacing their prized possessions, so consider treating your clumsy mate to one this Halloween- you can thank us later!!We hope this blog has given you an insight into how you can spice up your Halloween plans this year. As always, you can reach us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook (don’t worry nan we’ve got you covered). If you work for or own a small business and you’re currently sat reading me ramble on wishing I could talk about your business in one of these blog posts- drop us a line using the Linktree in our Instagram bio or using this hyperlink: Yift Linktree. We are always on the look out for new businesses to join the gifting revolutionWe have a very special blog coming your way in the next few days so keep an eye on our social media to see when it will drop.
Thank you for reading, and Happy Halloween!
Rio Goodwin
(content creator)

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