Why sell with us?

connecting small businesses

Yift is dedicated to helping small businesses flourish in a crowded gift market. We connect your products with engaged and interested customers through the use of our innovative gift finding algorithm.


Greater Exposure

Yift will provide you with a platform to directly access your target audience, allowing for a deeper connection to be developed.

NO Sign-up fees or Subscription fees

Small businesses can sign-up without the worry of extortionate sign-up or subscription fees.

Increased Sales

Exposing your goods to a wider audience will result in greater sales.

Engaging Partner Network

Enjoy the benefits of frequent blog posts, social media engagement, feedback from our analytics and many more!

Seamless, stress-free experience

Sit back and reap the rewards of this partnership as Yift does all the hard work in connecting your goods with the correct customers.

Zero Listing fees

At Yift, we would require no fees until the sale is made. This meaning that this is only a profitable experience for our partners.

Simple steps

Successful Order

Customers will purchase your products on the Yift marketplace.

Order Notification

We will immediately notify you of your order via email, and you can view the order details anytime in your dashboard.

Order Delivery

You will then need to ship the item to the customer. Delivery details will be accessible from your dashboard.


We will deduct a small fee and send the remainder directly to your account.

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